The United States Government Kills ISP Privacy Regulations. Grab VyprVPN deals now from!

As many of you are aware, President Trump signed a Bill into law (S.J 34/H.J. 86), repealing FCC online privacy protections for consumers browsing online, officially killing regulations previously created by the FCC just weeks before last year’s presidential election. His signature followed votes in both the Senate and House to disapprove the rules. As a result, ISPs will NOT have to seek explicit consumer consent before sharing and selling their personal information to advertisers and third parties. The signature is a win for the broadband providers (ISPs) who will retain their ability to conduct invasive practices to collect, sell and share consumer data.

Although this is bad news for anyone that uses the internet, VyprVPN has seen a huge spike in interest since the signing of the Bill into law as people take steps to protect themselves online. Using VyprVPN will keep you protected from ISP snooping.

To take advantage of the increased interest in VyprVPN we have created a Special Promotion with our current 25% off annual accounts special for users that are looking to protect themselves from ISP snooping.

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  1. Australia – Data Retention Law Takes Effect

    Australia’s mandatory data retention law is now in effect. Internet Service Providers and Telecoms will now be storing customer metadata – including text messages, location information, and internet connection details for a full two years. Government agencies can now request this information without a warrant. The new law has seen Australians scrambling to sign up for a VPN. VyprVPN already has server clusters in three Australian cities: Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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  2. USA – Online Browsing History Up For Sale

    Since President Trump signed the bill into law repealing FCC online privacy protections for consumers browsing online we’ve seen a huge increase in signups from worried users putting their trust in VyprVPN to protect their privacy.

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  3. Aside information about France – Encryption Under Threat… Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are the final two candidates facing off for the French presidency. Macron in particular is running on a platform with a largely anti-encryption stance, stating he’d force major technology companies to provide encrypted information to authorities when necessary. In essence, requiring a “backdoor” into encrypted communications. He has also now stated that providers might even be seen as complicit in attacks if they refuse to cooperate with decryption practices.

    Aside information about Russia – Yet More Censorship Proposed

    Russia’s latest draft bill is proposing banning VPNs that do not comply with censorship rules. The law proposes blocking anonymous proxies – including VPNs – that do not prohibit access to forbidden websites in the country. To operate, any such “anonymizing” services would have to block sites listed on the Roskomnadzor’s black list (Roskomnadzor oversees communications, IT and Telecom in Russia). Services that refuse to comply, meaning they allow their users to access sites on the blacklist, would be banned in Russia as a result.

  4. VyprVPN Ranked Fastest VPN for China by

    We wanted to let you know that’s circumvention tool has shown VyprVPN to be the fastest and most stable VPN when used in China.

    What is is a non-profit organization that monitors the status of websites censored by the Great Firewall of China and helps Chinese Internet users circumvent the censorship and blockage of websites in China.

    How does measure the Speed with its circumvention tool?

    The speed test aims to reflect real user experience. While a visitor to the site runs a test, in the background, their browser is downloading resources from the ten most popular websites in the world. According to Alexa, these sites are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Baidu, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, QQ, Twitter and Microsoft Live. The speed reported is simply the size of the file downloaded divided by the time taken to download it. also verifies whether the downloaded resource is complete. If the contents returned are incorrect or if the download fails to complete within 40 seconds, they mark it as failed. This data is then used to calculate their other main indicator – stability.

    How does measure Stability with their circumvention tool?

    According to stability is typically not tested by other services at all. A healthy internet connection anywhere is supposed to deliver 100% stability, unless someone pulls the cable during the test. But using a circumvention tool in China is different. At any point, the connection can become unstable and/or go down completely. Individual requests may fail depending on the size of the request, the final destination and how they are proxied. Thus comparing service stability is just as important if not more important than comparing speed.

    VyprVPN’s Proprietary Chameleon Protocol for China

    With China based VPNs being forced to shut down in China, we at Golden Frog are happy to see these results as it shows we are the best choice for accessing an open Internet when in China thanks mainly to our proprietary Chameleon Protocol.

    Best VPN for China lists

    If you do not currently have a Best VPN for China list on your website or blog, we recommend creating one as these types of lists are very popular with readers looking for a VPN service. is a partner of VYPRVPN.

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  5. Updates according to VyprVPN here:

    “VyprVPN Again Quickly Bypasses Latest China VPN Blocks. The Chinese Government began aggressively blocking VyprVPN iOS connections yesterday at around 7am CST. Based on reports VPN users posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the latest round of censorship appears to be a widespread blocking of multiple VPN providers, and this block looks to have targeted the VPN protocol used most commonly by iPhones and iPads. We rolled out workarounds, and were back up and running only a few hours later. This quick turnaround by our engineers is one of the many benefits of running our own servers and network, allowing us to restore service ahead of other blocked VPN providers. The connection activity chart below illustrates the impact of China’s latest attempts to block VyprVPN and our success in working around these efforts.”

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