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M1 is a leading telecom company in Singapore. It offers various services like mobile plans as well as fibre broadband deals. The M1 enterprise mobile plans have been a great success for the company and are greatly acknowledged by the customers.  The M1 also offers various enterprise mobile plans for mobile phones some of which are the following.

 ● Enterprise Mobile plan for $32/month:

This plan offers 3GB of local data with a talk time of Rs. 200. You can do 1000 SMS/MMS locally. The free services with the plan include data passport, caller number display and auto roaming services. You can sign up for the plan as ‘sim only plan’ or 2-year device contract.

 ● Enterprise Mobile plan for $62/month

This includes 6GB of local data as well as unlimited SMS or MMS. The free services are the same as that of the $32/month plan.

 ● Enterprise Mobile plan for $65/month:

The additional perk of taking up with this plan is that it offers 12 GB of local data. Although the other benefits are same that of the $61/month plan still, it is worth considering for the increased data pack.

 ● Enterprise Mobile plan for $198/month:

This is also a beneficial enterprise mobile plan for the customers who are more into data usage and availability. It offers an unlimited local data. However, the data roaming is up to 30 GB. Other than similar benefits of other data plans, this plan has attracted more customers for data availability.

All the Enterprise mobile plans come at affordable rates. The service of M1 is also a matter of appreciation, and it has earned them many customers. Like the fibre broadband deals by M1, the mobile broadband M2M has also been made available for mobile phones by the M1. It has connected the devices effectively and has added to the ease of corporate customers.


M1 knows the importance of quality of communications in today’s highly competitive business environment. With our dedicated team of Account Managers, we strive to meet all of your business’ telecommunication requirements while allowing to enjoy the benefits of time and cost savings.


Keeping you connected with your office on-the-go

M1’s Mobile Broadband enables you to stay connected and work even on-the-go. With our state-of-the-art LTE network, you can enjoy download speeds of up to 150Mbps; retrieving emails and important corporate data faster.

We know that every business’ needs is unique. M1 has a wide range of business mobile broadband plans that boost the productivity of your mobile workforce.



The M2M (Machine 2 Machine) mobile broadband is also a part of the internet connectivity of mobiles for business purposes. The company M1 has recently launched it. With the help of M2M, all the customers of corporate the sector can easily keep a watch on the connected mobiles. The Machine 2 Machine plan looks to change the entire dynamism of a business organization as the incorporation of this technology is user to enhance the overall productivity of the concerned firm. The managers in change can now get constant updates about the inventory kept in the stores. The security system updates and the performance of the employees can also be tracked with the help of this plan.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is fast transforming the way businesses operate and gathering business intelligence. M2M applications can help you make smarter and informed decisions through access to real-time information about your business operations. Real-time data range from inventory and diagnostic information to location tracking, security and surveillance information. With the proliferation of wireless network and wireless wide area network technologies such as GSM/GRPS, HSPA and LTE, more businesses will be able to harness the power of M2M today.


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