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The active network of M1 is suitable for those who want to have greater speed and connectivity of internet for their business. The M1 business fibre broadband includes various plans to match the need of the small or big businesses. The M1 provides the customers with some additional perks which have helped it gain importance as a business fibre broadband operator. It has both static and dynamic fibre broadband so that the customer is not left dissatisfied with the M1 services. 

All the plans of the M1 offer benefits such as free TP and ONT installation, Asus RT-AC1200G and a wifi router which has a large coverage. The special mobile benefits on the fibre broadband plans compel the customers to consider the M1 plans for their business. The speed uptime of 99.95% widely attracts the customers. The M1 gives 24/7 support and services to satisfy their customers. The below are some of the fibre broadband plans by M1.

 ● BizPac 200 Mbps:

It comes for worth $93 per month with a contract of 3 years. It is a widely accepted plan among the customers. This plan is extremely pocket friendly but is also very effective. Relatively new entrepreneurs who have just initiated a start-up are advised to lean of this plan which M1 provides.

 ● BizPac 250 Mbps:

Increased speed of 250 Mbps in just $109 per month has made this plan the most popular one. Customers prefer this plan for business. The contract for the plan is for 2 years.

 ● BizPac 300 Mbps:

The plan includes a speed of 300 Mbps at $139/month. It comes with a contract of 24 months. This has also gained attention among businessmen. A stellar plan for the business that wish to work within an allocated budget. A definite value for money as the efficiency of the firm concerned is sure to enhance with the allocation of BizPac 300 Mbps pack in the long run.

 ● BizPac 500 Mbps:

At the rate of $206 comes the plan that has a speed of 500 Mbps. Like the other plans, it also has a contract of 2 years. Consider the investment made in this plan as a long term investment as results are sure to follow in due course of time. Attain immediate performance boost with the incorporation of the BizPac 500 Mbps into your business.

The cost-effective business fibre broadband plans by M1 have all the essential offers and features required by a customer. They suit all types of businesses, whether small or large. The above plans provide exceptional internet speed. The exemplary services of the company and its plans have attracted many users over a short period.

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Steadware.com is a platform which constantly updates its users about the best broadband and mobile plans that are currently available in the market. Sign up with Steadware today and do not miss out on any deals as they are sure to boost your business in due course of time. With the introduction of the Next-Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN), M1 is well-positioned to offer our business customers advanced business broadband at blazing speeds of up to 1Gbps. M1 operates an Active Network in the NGNBN infrastructure. This means that you have M1 as your single point of contact for all your broadband needs, ensuring faster response to your business requirements.

Steadware.com with M1 offers a full suite of business solutions and professional IT expertise to meet your business needs.

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Features and Benefits

Choose The Service That Suits Your Business Needs

M1 Fibre Broadband is powered by the Next-Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN). This service is ideal for any businesses looking to deploy faster and more affordable Internet access.

If you require fast Internet connectivity for file downloads, file uploads, file transfer and file sharing, opt for M1 Dynamic Fibre Broadband. If you are hosting your own web, mail and business application servers, opt for M1 Static Fibre Broadband.

Features/Product Fibre BizPac Static (XGPON) Fibre BizPac Static (GPON) Fibre BizPac Dynamic (GPON)
Technology XPON Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)
Bandwidth options 1Gbps, 2Gbps, 4Gbps, 6Gbps, 8Gbps, 10Gbps From 10Mbps to 200Mbps1
Symmetrical download and upload speeds Yes
Service Level Guarantee 99.95%2
Bundled with 8 Static IPv4 addresses Router
8 Static IPv4 addresses

1 200Mbps available on M1 Active Network only
2 No more than 5hrs of downtime over 8,760hrs in a calendar year excluding scheduled maintenance

  1. Resilient and Future-proof Network. Peering to multiple Tier One ISPs ensures that your business is well-connected to a resilient network and supports your networking requirements as your business grows.
  2. Scalable and Cost Effective. Start your business or scale up your bandwidth at more affordable prices. M1 offers one of the most attractive cost savings to our business customers.
  3. Ubiquitous Network. Whether your choice is ADSL or Fibre Broadband, you can rest assure that you can get started easily with a common interface – RJ11 telephone port for ADSL broadband or RJ45 Ethernet interface for Fibre broadband
  4. Business-grade Network. Our network is designed and built for businesses. This network is dedicated for business customers and hence gives our business customers the assurance of network quality. M1 assures our business customers an SLA of 99.95% uptime.
  5. Professional and Dedicated Service Support. Besides round-the-clock support service, we have a pool of dedicated M1 Account Managers to assist our business customers.


M1 Active Ethernet Fibre Broadband is designed for the bandwidth-intensive business operations. Riding on a gigabit backbone connection, the service transmits data simultaneously At high-speeds ranging from 200Mbps to 1Gbps.

Accelerate to a speedier broadband experience with Fibre BizPac (Ethernet) service:

  • Future-proof, scalable up to 1Gbps
  • Service Level Agreement of 99.95%
  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • Bundled with M1 Managed Link Monitoring & web-based dashboard

M1 Managed Broadband Monitoring

Improve efficiency and reduce cost of failure with M1 Managed Broadband Monitoring. This subscription-based service allows you to have visibility of your connection at your fingertips so that you can make informed decisions resulting in better planning.

Services Description
Managed Link Monitoring Remotely tracks your broadband link status, utilisation and router performance in real-time.
Managed Traffic Monitoring Details out internet traffic usage behavior and profiles such as top destinations, top applications and traffic trending analysis. Ability to detect network abnormalities and common network-based attacks.


M1’s new XGPON services, Singapore’s first 2Gbps to 10Gbps GPON services, are designed to address the industry’s gap in such corporate connectivity options. With M1’s new services, which complement its GPON services of up to 1Gbps, and 10Gbps Active Ethernet service, Singapore’s fastest fibre service on the national fibre network, M1 now offers Singapore’s most extensive range of corporate connectivity services islandwide to corporate customers.

Service is launch to meet the pent-up demand for scalable and cost-effective connectivity service beyond 1Gbps, previously not available.

Business in all segments will benefit from M1’s full range of connectivity options.

Features and Benefits

  1. 4X Faster Download Speeds
  2. Singapore’s first competitively-priced 2Gbps to 10Gbps connectivity
  3. Upgrade fractionally with scalable speeds from 2Gbps to 10Gbps

Steadware.com with M1 offers a full suite of business solutions and professional IT expertise to meet your business needs.

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