Review Cryowerx’s latest smart fridge technology

Time is of the essence to the busy metropolitan. In this fast-paced 21st century, executives across the little red dot often find themselves in a time-crunch, rushing deadlines and reports for hours on end, till the wee hours in the morning. As time goes by, they find themselves developing unhealthy habits such as meal-skipping and snacking on junk food found in traditional vending machines. However, one innovative startup in Singapore seeks to reverse this trend.

Cryowerx’s latest smart fridge technology seeks to be able to provide timely and fresh meals for busy employees who work round the clock at both Central Business Districts and remote locations.

Cryowerx’s smart fridge isn’t just beneficial for consumers who get access to healthy food anytime and anywhere, it’s a win-win situation for both large business establishments who wish to keep their employees healthy and productive, as well as small-time F&B operators who want to operate on a lean business model.

How Business Offices Can Benefit

The key to a strong business is an efficient workforce. Healthy employees are synonymous with productive and efficient ones. If your employees are consistently taking sick leave due to chronic health issues from bad nutritional habits, the productivity levels will undoubtedly suffer. Medical insurance claims resulting from employees’ battles against illnesses may also pose a significant cost to your company’s profit levels.

Having a simple smart fridge from Cryowerx could be just what your office needs to keep its employees healthier. Fresh food around the clock for busy employees help them stay alert and efficient throughout the day whilst reducing their reliance on unhealthy snacks to keep focused. Offices in remote locations stand to further benefit from Cryowerx’s fridge as employees spend less time travelling in search of food since delectable meals are available right in the office pantry.

How Small F&B Operators Can Benefit

If you are just starting up a small food business and you don’t have the manpower or capital to set up a physical storefront, Cryowerx may just be what you need to expand your business.

By joining Cryowerx network of established F&B partners, your food products can be displayed on the menu, in the fridge at any location across Singapore, giving you the much-needed reach to customers across the country. No extra cost needed to rent a location and no extra cost needed to hire additional manpower.

Cryowerx’s smart fridge is more than a device that dispenses food. It’s an idea, a concept that seeks to link consumers, business and suppliers in a dynamic way that results in a win-win situation for all parties involved. Will you be willing to give it a try?

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