ITSM insights: How valuable is your service?

From the customer’s perspective, value consists of 2 basic elements: utility (fitness for purpose) and warranty (fitness for use).

Utility of a Service is perceived by the customer as an improvement in performance of tasks. Removal of constraints on performance is also perceived as a positive effect. That is: Fitness for purpose!

Warranty of a Service is derived from the positive effect being available, with sufficient capacity AND dependable in terms of continuity and security. That is fitness for use!

Illustrate a service (may not be IT related) you can offer using the concept of utility and warranty.

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  1. a scenario such as in day life basis,
    by taking the train ensure that consumer could have a smooth journey to their destination on time. warranty factors such as no delay(time) , smooth journey. Fitness for purpose are such as the condition and the environment for example despite how crowded the transport is the aircon temparature is to maintain at its best .

  2. Dropbox.

    – Supported on all platform. (Constraint removed)

    – Two-Factor-Authentication (Security)
    – Cloud Storage (Availability)
    – 1gb Storage (Capacity)
    – Additional storage by introducing to friends and or subscribe for storage expansion (Continuous)

  3. Utility:
    Local Office
    Distribution Channel

    Technology Capability
    Production Capacity
    Capital Expenditure

  4. There is a bag in the market called Flak Sack.

    Utility factor of the bag is that it’s anti-theft and waterproof. (Performance supported)

    Warranty factors lies on the security of the bag (secure enough), material is long lasting (continous enough), able hold all your essential items (capacity enough).

    Value of the bag: The bag doesn’t just carry your stuff, it protects it.

  5. New Server

    -High Read/Write Speed (Performance)

    – Built-in UPS (Avaliable)
    – Hugh hard disk capacity (Capacity)
    – RAID (Continuous)
    – Free Anti-virus software (Secure)

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