ITSM insights: A brief history of ITIL and where it is going.

ITIL, formally an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with business needs of the day. Here is a short history of the best practices framework:
ITILv1 Created in late 80s by CCTA (became OGC) on contract to the UK Government.
44 publications, describing IT management best practice
Based on best practice principles of the UK public service
ITILv2 1999/2000 release introduced (books become chapters)
7 publications, focussing on processes from a Business Perspective to ICT Infrastructure Management
ITILv3 2007 release based on the Service Lifecycle,
5 core publications (books)
Complementary guidance includes:
Pocket guides
Introductory publications such as ‘The official  introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle’ book.
Sector specific information
ITILv3 2011E  current revised edition
Now owned by the Cabinet Office of HM Government

What do you think should be included in ITILv4 to meet the needs of the future economies?

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7 comments to “ITSM insights: A brief history of ITIL and where it is going.”
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  2. ITIL could be a requirement for the upcoming generation management level staff. It is best to have ITIL for management level staff as a guideline in order to achieve each individual corporate goals. TIL definition of ‘service’ as an outcome-based service that moves the IT organisation beyond business/IT alignment and towards business/IT integration.

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