How to recover photos from corrupted external hard drive?

In this digital arena, we store all our photos or videos digitally, be it our precious family photos or any work document. Just as everything is easy and manageable with external hard drive, it doesn’t necessarily mean all the data would be stored safely till our life time. There is always a risk of data loss or failure due to hard drive corruption. Thus, external hard drives are an essential and most beneficial way for storage and backup of your precious data like photos or audios, but it is still prone to corruption. However, there are ways to combat the risk, and the most effective way is to take help of a photo recovery software to recover photos from hard drive 

External hard drive corruption is common issue and the methods explained below can become one of the best choices for you for lifetime.

Download Photo Recovery Software. There are many free and paid tools available to recover photos from corrupt or damaged drive. The paid ones have extra added features and utilities, while you may run the risk of infected files or malware if you rely on free recovery software. Although few free recovery software turns out to be really good.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is built to perform hard drive recovery and recover lost photos from corrupted external hard drive. It also supports to recover photos, audios and videos back from corrupted and damaged internal and external hard drive, digital cameras, SD memory cards, USB flash drive and more.

Troubleshooting Your Corrupt Hard drive

1. Run a diagnostics test.

Many hard drive free diagnostic tools for assessing your hard drive. There are few companies like FujitsuWestern DigitalSeagate, and Hitachi which offer diagnostics utilities to troubleshoot your hard drive Go to the hard drive manufacturer’s support page to know more about troubleshooting.

 2. Scan your computer for malware.

Run a good and reliable antivirus scan and clean up any infectious malware or virus. A corrupt hard drive may be a result of virus infected files or malware installed on your system.  

 3. Run a disc defragmenter. 

Run the built-in Disk Defragmenter utility to Defragging and Optimize your system. Connect your damaged drive to the alternate computer and check to see whether the drive containing your files shows up once connected to an active device.

If you could not recover your photos after implying all the methods provided above, then follow the below mentioned steps.

Steps to recover photos from corrupted external hard drive

Step 1. Download and install Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. Run the software and Click “Recover Photos, Audios and Videos”.

Step 2. Select the affected external drive and click “Scan” button. If you want to customize and filter the options, then the software gives the option of “advance settings”.  You can specify the file formats or any specific region if you know, to speed up the scanning process and save the time.

Step 3. After that, you can preview all the recoverable files one by one and select the files you need. Click on “Recover” button to recover all the selected files and save it to your desired destination.

Kindly note that you should save all the photos on a separate storage location to avoid data overwriting. Also, do not install the software onto the affected drive.

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