M1 Business M2M


The M2M mobile broadband is also a part of the internet connectivity of mobiles for business purposes. The company M1 has recently launched it. With the help of M2M, all the customers of corporate the sector can easily keep a watch on the connected mobiles. The Machine 2 Machine plan looks to change the entire dynamism of a business organization as the incorporation of this technology is user to enhance the overall productivity of the concerned firm. The managers in change can now get constant updates about the inventory kept in the stores. The security system updates and the performance of the employees can also be tracked with the help of this plan.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is fast transforming the way businesses operate and gathering business intelligence. M2M applications can help you make smarter and informed decisions through access to real-time information about your business operations. Real-time data range from inventory and diagnostic information to location tracking, security and surveillance information. With the proliferation of wireless network and wireless wide area network technologies such as GSM/GRPS, HSPA and LTE, more businesses will be able to harness the power of M2M today.

Features and benefits

Faster Speed of Market Penetration
Improve your operational efficiency and be the first to reach new markets and help businesses make informed decisions in real-time.
Comprehensive Suite of Management Tools
Empower management with powerful diagnostic, customer support tools and SIM-provisioning to help you address customer needs and take corrective actions expediently.
Strong Regional Partnerships
M1 has strong partnerships with regional mobile operators. This enables businesses to easily expand into the new Asian markets while seamlessly implementing existing local M2M applications in the new markets.


Logistics and Transportation
Fleet management
Tracking of vehicles and cargo container
Logistic management
Monitor goods delivery

Security and Surveillance
M2M-enabled remote surveillance and alarm systems
Access to control systems, lighting systems, and fire alarm systems

Provide remote diagnostics that alert drivers and solution centres to reduce road accidents
Give real-time traffic conditions and warnings to drivers to improve navigation on the road
Reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions
Monitor and predict traffic movements

Consumer Electronics
Integrated solutions for consumer devices and enabling businesses to relate directly to end-users
Solutions that support e-readers, connected digital frames, personal navigation devices and gaming consoles

Remote monitoring enable doctors and caregivers to keep track of patients with heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes on-the-go
Trigger alerts to medical staff on changes in patients’ health so that immediate treatment is given

Point-of-Sales (POS)
Banks keep track of remote wireless financial transactions at ATMs and retail outlets
Retailers track purchases at vending machines and gather real-time data for better supply chain management
Self-service machines
E-payments and transactions
Customer profiling

Smart Metering and Utilities
Data collection on energy supply and usage for monitoring and billing purposes
Intelligent grid management and smart meters to improve efficiency and reliability of energy distribution

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