CCTV SG ChoiceCycle is a long-term strategic partner of Massive Wisdom Group.

ChoiceCycle was founded in 2003 with a vision to provide personalized, reliable and affordable security solutions. Since its establishment, CCTV Singapore ChoiceCycle has served over 10,000 clients and strengthened its presence in the retail and corporate fronts to offer clients greater accessibility and better knowledge on how security systems work.
As a testament to the commitment to this vision of being an industry leader, they were given distributorship of Certis Cisco security equipment. At present, CCTV Singapore ChoiceCycle group of companies has also expanded its operations and services to Indonesia and Malaysia, allowing it to achieve our vision of being a leader in this industry both locally as well as regionally.

We collaborate directly with CCTV SG ChoiceCycle on your CCTV project needs. Contact us to talk! about your CCTV requirements and we will form a great deal for you!