MyRepublic mobile launched its first commercial mobile plan in Singapore on 21st June 2018. These services are being termed as ‘simple and worry-free’ for the consumers. In terms of market size, there are around 8.5 million subscribers in Singapore. Platforms such as Steadware helps the people interested to get valuable information on the various mobile plans as offered by Myrepublic.

The mobile price in Singapore is quite reasonable so that people can buy them and utilize these plans. Now with more BONUS DATA!

●Smart 35 for $35/month:
This plan includes 9GB Data; 1000 minutes talk time and 1000 SMS and 3GB extra data for broadband customers. This data plan offers boundless data which implies that the customers will not be charged extra for exceeding their data limits, but their surfing speeds will be lowered. With MyRepublic, you do not incur the pay-per-use roaming data charges.

●Mega 55 for $55/month:
This plan offers 18GB data; 1000 minutes talk time and 1000 SMS and 8GB Bonus data for broadband customers. The plan also offers free incoming calls and SMS and free Caller ID. You can change the plan at no extra charge.

●Xtra 85 for $85/month:
This plan includes 30GB data, 2GB Roam Like Home Essential, and 1000 minutes talk time and 1000 SMS.

All these plans include boundless data, free incoming calls and SMS and free caller ID. You do not need any contract to activate any of these plans, and you can even change them later at no extra charges.

The chief benefit of MyRepublic plans is that they offer boundless data. Boundless Data is a feature of MyRepublic Mobile plans. It means never worrying about paying extra or being cut off from the internet for going beyond your mobile plan’s data allowance. After your plan’s data allowance is exceeded, your mobile data speed will simply be reduced.  The customers can regain the original data speed by activating data boosters. The data boosters consist of 500 MB data for $3.50, 1.5 GB data for $7 and 3GB data for $12. Each data booster plan is activated for 30 days and billed to your monthly invoice.

The mobile phone price in Singapore is affordable. The MyRepublic mobile plans are inexpensive, and they do not burn a hole in the pocket of their users. 

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The mobile phone price in Singapore is affordable. The MyRepublic mobile plans are inexpensive, and they do not burn a hole in the pocket of their users.

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