iSwitch Business Plans

iSwitch has also introduced Business Plans for power supply primarily for business purposes. Most of the cost of the business involves electricity bills because of high power rates to the companies. However, iSwitch has found the solution for these problems and is providing the best energy deals to these firms on power supply. One can easily compare electricity prices and can choose the cheapest electricity supplier in the town of Jurong. The company also includes a special plans for businesses situated outside Jurong and provides them with the best power rates.

There will be no disruption in the power supply while transferring the electricity supplier as the process only includes the administrative transfer of account by the licensed energy retailer and one will continue to get the power supply from the government (SP power grid) but can get much better rates on their power.

One can save around 20% of their previous electricity bills by opting for any one of the following plans.

The iSwitch Business Plans include:

● Guaranteed per cent discount off SP regulated tariff throughout the contract duration:

In this plan, one can get a pre-decided discount on their power supply bills for the period. All the details are constructed on a contract and are approved by both the parties. 

● Fix rate plan:

This plan includes a fixed rate for the power supply and the electricity bill entirely depends upon power usage by the company. The price is fixed per kWh and is carried out throughout the contract period. It saves the company from price fluctuations in the market.

The eligibility criteria of the supplier are also quite simple as they include all the companies either in Jurong or outside Jurong.

1. All businesses located in the Jurong area under the postal code 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64, regardless of the monthly usage.

2. Business located outside Jurong, i.e. outside the jurisdiction of postal codes 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64, with a monthly electricity usage of 2000 kWh or more. The amount of bill should be more than or equal to $400.

Under this scheme consumers belonging to the business sector whose monthly average electricity consumption is of at least 2,000 KWh (equivalent to at least $400 of electricity bill) are eligible to opt for this scheme. There are 90,000 business accounts which are eligible to take this scheme and they have the flexibility when to comes to electricity purchases.

How does satisfy the needs?

The iSwitch Electricity plans are available now. The flexibility of electricity purchases availed by iSwitch Electricity is explained in detail on Steadware is a platform where one can get detailed and unbiased reviews and description of the plans which iSwitch Electricity is offering. Therefore, one can read the reviews and decide whether to opt for these plans. Steadware collaborates with industry leaders therefore, one can expect the best products and services which are now trending in the market. Also, a user of Steadware will get regular updates about the products and services, which will ease the process of deciding which product or service to opt for. Visit Steadware today and get the latest updates and deals for the best plans trending in the market.

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