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Kaspersky is a device security company protecting our digital products from unwanted malware and viruses that can steal your personal data and can make your devices unfunctional. They can slow down the processors and can affect the functioning of different applications. The company provides different types of safety functions to different customers according to their need and have various plans to save money for their customers.

The products provided by the company consists of Kaspersky antivirus, Kaspersky internet security, and Kaspersky total security. They also establish a secure cloud that adapts to your online habits and protects your private data. The company also helps the individual to choose the best security plan out of the three plans available according to their needs and one can even select the tenure of contract and number of systems to be protected.

The Kaspersky app can be run on PCs, MAC, Android Mobiles, iPhones and IPads. Kaspersky provides various products and services that help your system to run smooth. Some of them are listed below:

●Kaspersky Anti-virus: To protect your PC or device from malware and acting as a wall against them in order to block them entering the device.
●Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool: It safely removes all the virus and malware from the device if it is infected. It is available free of cost on the Kaspersky official site.
●Kaspersky Secure connection: It protects the user whenever he/she is online from various threats and privacy breach.
●Kaspersky Password Manager: It protects all the account details and passwords relating to any website and also protect the credit card and debit card details from privacy breach.
●Kaspersky safe kids: It protects your kids from visiting any malicious website by mistake so that they can enjoy the digital world without any troubles.
●Kaspersky Software updater: It automatically checks the PC applications and system for updates and reminds you about it.
●Kaspersky Security Cloud: It is a basic malware protection that adapts according to your online habits. This programme is also provided by the company free of cost to the users.
●Kaspersky Internet Security: This is the complete internet protection package that protects your PCs, mobiles, and MAC from any internet malware and infected websites.
●Kaspersky Total Security: It is a package designed for the people who regularly work on the internet and involves all the available product into a single programme.
●Kaspersky Rescue Disk: It is a last resort for the PCs and devices to fight from the malware even when the operating system fails to operate.

These are some of the products and packages provided by Kaspersky to the customers to protect them as well as their families from various malware and viruses so that they can enjoy their digital life hassle-free.

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