Avast Business

We are proud to introduce Avast security products with the advanced threat protection to secure today’s IT environments and businesses. Avast business is suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) using Avast Business Endpoint Protection and Server Security Business (SMB). The Avast Business products are:

Avast Business Antivirus, Avast Business Antivirus Pro, Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus and Avast Managed Antivirus https.  The business antivirus products use cloud-based endpoint security solution for business users, therefore providing critical protection to Windows and Mac machines in realtime. Company’s administrator can manage security easily with an online management portal.

Avast Business Antivirus Avast Business Antivirus Pro Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Features :

  1. malware protection
  2. scanning
  3. anti-phishing
  4. streamed updates
  5. application control
  6. rescue disk
  7. sandboxing
  8. firewall
  9. https scanner
  10.  anti-spam
  11.  data shredder
  12.  server protection

“You’ll be joining over 700 thousand businesses who already use and trust Avast — not only for our 30 years of experience protecting the world, but for our worldwide network of 400 million endpoints that continually helps us identify the latest threats before anyone else.” – Avast.

“Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world using next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real time. We differ from other next-gen companies in that we have an immense cloud-based machine learning engine that receives a constant stream of data from our more than 400 million users, which facilitates learning at unprecedented speeds and makes our artificial intelligence engine smarter and faster than anyone else’s.” – Avast

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